How to choose a villa non-standard door

Source:Publication time:2018-12-22

How to choose a villa that is satisfactory to you. The non-standard door market is developing rapidly, and its high-end villas occupy a large market. In order to occupy this market, enterprises must choose non-standard doors for production in accordance with national production standards. At the same time, do a good job in three aspects: excellent quality, advanced technology and good brand image. In the decoration process of high-end villas, non-standard doors are an important aspect. Choosing a suitable non-standard door can instantly enhance the taste of the villa. Most villa owners don't know much about the non-standard door materials and performance. The non-standard doors that are bought back have a lot of slick but spend a lot of money. Some of them are bought at a cheaper price, but the quality is not enough. How do villa owners choose the right non-standard door?

Non-standard door can be divided into log color wooden door, miscellaneous wooden door, solid wood veneer door, and veneer, maple, ash, eucalyptus and so on. This method is divided from the material of the non-standard door. The material is good, and the effect is definitely better.

1. Wood veneer is not a standard door. This kind of door is made of solid wood frame, and the veneer is made of maple, teak, eucalyptus, ash, and eucalyptus. Its characteristics are beautiful, generous, not easy to deform, and the price is relatively cheap.

2. Miscellaneous wood non-standard door. In addition to its material is slightly inferior to the log color door, other processing principles, modeling process, etc. are basically the same as the log color non-standard door. The characteristics are beautiful, not easy to deform, and the price is lower than the non-standard door of the log color.

3. Flat door. This non-standard door has a long history, and its level and simplicity give people a sense of solidity. Its materials are teak, maple, ash, eucalyptus, etc. It is characterized by easy to clean, smooth and generous. It is usually used in the simple and simple home decoration.

To choose the products of regular manufacturers (non-standard door manufacturers with brand concept)

First of all, we must choose a regular brand of products, pay attention to check whether the manufacturer of the product has legal production license qualification. Before installation, pay attention to check whether the non-standard door leaf is regular, whether the joint is firm, whether the glass is complete and whether there is obvious corrugation, whether the handle and metal fittings are firm, and the surface of the hardware (hardware decoration effect diagram) should be fine and not rough.

After installation, please pay attention to check whether the non-standard door is deformed, whether the non-standard door opening is flexible, whether the non-standard door and the wall surface are firmly connected or not, and the protective film attached to the surface of the non-standard door material should be removed in time.

When choosing a non-standard door for heat preservation and energy saving, the villa owner should choose a non-standard door with energy-saving and good insulation performance. Generally speaking, the role of energy-saving insulation non-standard door is to block the outdoor thermal energy outdoors in the summer to save the electricity consumed by the air conditioner, which saves electricity costs; in the winter, the indoor heat energy is left indoors to save the consumption of heating. Energy and costs.

Environmental protection and energy conservation are already the trend of the world. This is a manifestation of people's concern for environmental issues and a manifestation of their love for healthy living. Although environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products are generally higher in price than ordinary products of the same kind, purchasing energy-saving products can often reduce power consumption and water consumption, thereby saving electricity and water bills, so it seems that it is still very cost-effective.

The choice of non-standard door should be compared to the price of non-standard door of the same brand in three building materials market is not exactly the same. The price of the building materials market is more than 1,000 yuan, while the price of a building material market is half as cheap. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that villa owners should choose more when they choose non-standard doors when they choose to go to the formal building materials market, so as to avoid spending money.

Choosing the right grade of non-standard door No matter what product, the price depends on the quality of the product, and quality is the basis of price. The foundation of quality is solid, the brand influence of products will rise, and prices will rise. Therefore, the brand ultimately depends on the quality of the product. In one sentence, it is summarized as: "Quality builds a brand, and a brand occupies the market."

The price of the product is divided into high and low, and the non-standard door is also divided into different grades of high, medium and low. How is the division between the non-standard door and the low-end non-standard door?

Generally, there are many types of non-standard door classification. The overall non-standard door can be divided into plywood door, panel door, flat door, wooden grille glass door, antique lattice door, wooden metal lattice door, etc. category.

According to the installation form of the non-standard door, it can be basically classified into a swing door, a sliding door, a shuttle door, a revolving door, and the like.

As can be seen from the above classification, the non-standard door is affected by quality, material and brand, and the main one is still affected by quality.